Clicking on the 'Contents' tab on the header of the resource will take you to the documents landing page of Mass Observation Online. Here you can see the eight main document categories that make up Mass Observation Online. These are the Diaries, Day Surveys, Directive Respondents, Directive Questionnaires, Topic Collections, Publications, File Reports and the Worktown Collection.

Selecting a document type will take you to a document list. For example, by selecting the Diaries you will be able to see a full list of the Diarists who wrote for Mass Observation. You can sort the list by: Date Range, Diarist Number, Date of Birth, Gender and Place of Residence or Occupation. You can also filter the list by Date Range or Gender located at the top of the page. Browse the screengrabs below for more information.

You can keep track of your movements through the document folders by using the breadcrumb trail feature located below the resource header.

You can also do a general search across all documents in the search box in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, use our advanced search tool to search for multiple terms or to restrict your search by document type or date range.

Full text searchable documents are indicated with the following icon

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