Editorial Board

The following scholars and academics have provided feedback, advice and written content for Mass Observation Online, for which we are very grateful:


  • Professor Dorothy Sheridan MBE, Trustee of the Mass Observation Archive and former Director
  • Fiona Courage, Special Collections Manager and Curator of the Mass Observation Archive, University of Sussex
  • Professor Bob Malcolmson, Author and Social Historian
  • Patricia Malcolmson, Author and Social Historian
  • Dr Bob Snape, Centre for Worktown Studies, University of Bolton
  • Natacha Chevalier, Doctoral Researcher, University of Sussex
  • Professor Stephen Brooke, Department of History, York University, Toronto
  • Professor Ben Highmore, Department of Media and Film Studies, University of Sussex
  • Professor James Hinton, Department of History, University of Warwick
  • Dr Benjamin Lander, Professor of History and Social Science, Dawson College, Montreal
  • Professor Claire Langhamer, Department of History, University of Sussex
  • Professor Laura Marcus, Department of English, University of Sussex
  • Professor Brian Street, Department of Education & Professional Studies, King’s College London
  • Jennie Taylor, Department of History, University of Sydney
  • Dr Lesley Whitworth, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Brighton
  • Professor Mike Savage, Department of Sociology, London School of Economics