What is Mass Observation Online?

Mass Observation Online makes the Mass Observation Archive available to researchers in its entirety.

This digital project opens up revolutionary access to thousands of documents generated by the Mass Observation social research organisation from its inception in 1937 to the last submitted diary in 1967 allowing a unique insight into life in Britain spanning four decades.

Mass Observation Online includes:

  • A complete set of the File Reports 1937-1951
  • Access to all of the Day Surveys 1937-1938, Directives 1939-1955 and Diaries 1939-1967
  • Topic Collections 1937-1965
  • The 'Worktown Collection'
  • Mass-Observation Publications
  • Eighteen contextual essays by leading scholars
  • 4 essays from the Mass Observation Occasional Papers series
  • Photographs by Humphrey Spender, interactive features, and much valuable supporting material

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